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Jean-Honoré Fragonard, The Swing (1767)

This painting is my fave because 1. Rococo style is fucking luxurious as hell but 2. It all points to her orgasm, her flinging off her shoe in excitement, the creepy religious figure in the back like “aaw some premarital shit and female pleasure goin down”, the lover with his hand outstretched like a blatant phallic symbol, that angel statue covering it’s lips like “shhh sex is happening”, and slightly horified cherubs in the back like “lord save us these kids be disgracing your world”

It’s actually not really that metaphorical, but you’re on the right track! The creeper in the back is actually her (much older) husband, she’s “tied” to him in marriage and he’s holding those ties. The dude on the ground is the lady’s young lover and he’s staring straight up her dress and her crotchless drawers right at her pussy (see how her legs are spread quite apart). She’s flinging her shoe off so that the lover boy has an excuse to see her again— he can say he found the slipper in the garden and was going to return it to her. The cherubs in the back are the gossips who see this affair but whisper to each other, and the saucy cupid in the front is like “hell yeah, adultery!”
Also check out Froganrd’s other erotic paintings, like Blind Man’s Bluff where the lady’s boob is hanging out of her dress and she’s fully aware of it bc she’s peeking under blindfold, The Secret Meeting with more tit-popping action and a statue of Venus and Cupid lookin’ real smug, The Bathers which is a girl-loving orgy, and The Music Contest for more tit action and a contest that is going to end in a threesome.

Clemente De Muro